Mike Shay for '18 - Maryland House of Delegates, District 30B

Campaign Issues

Illegal Drugs and Crime threaten our lives, our families, our homes and our community!

I have spent the last 24 years of my 35 years in South County working with hundreds of residents to improve the quality of life that we enjoy here. Drugs and crime affect us all and put at risk so much of what we have worked so hard to achieve.

Last year, I became a victim of crime and drugs.  My home, located on a quiet, neighborly street, was burglarized twice by people addicted to drugs. My involvement in the court system to bring the perpetrators to justice was lengthy and frustrating. I am just one of many across the nation, the state of Maryland and Anne Arundel County who are witnessing first-hand the tragedy of increasing drug use, resulting crime and destroyed lives.

From this experience, I have come to recognize and understand the scope and the threat drugs and crime pose to our community, and have sat through hearings at the State House and panel presentations of law enforcement leadership addressing the problem. Dozens of bills have been introduced in this session of the Maryland legislature, but we must acknowledge there is no magic bullet that is going to solve this problem that touches us all. I believe education, resources, job opportunity, access to affordable health care, a more streamlined court system, and holding accountable the companies that manufacture opioids and distributed opioids, and the medical professionals who over-prescribe them, are all part of the solution.  As a victim of crime, I am sensitive to how vulnerable we all are, and how important it is to turn a corner on the impact drugs and crime have on our community.   

I support the Lawsuit filed by Anne Arundel County against the Opioid manufactures to hold them accountable for marketing practices described in the filing that includes false advertising, overstated benefits, and known consequences.


Historically, Anne Arundel County was one of the most agriculturally productive regions in the state. Over the course of the past several decades, residential and commercial growth has pushed much of the state’s agriculture out of the County and into other regions. However, there are still significant swaths of agricultural land in the southern and central portions of the County that benefit all citizens. It is imperative that we protect and retain these last remaining vestiges of our agricultural heritage.

While many Anne Arundel farmers are finding it economically difficult to get by growing corn and soybeans, we have tremendous opportunities not only to nurture our vital equestrian and commercial nursery operations, but also to support next generation small farmers with knowledge, markets, and programs. Organic farms and local farmers like Red Top Farm are taking advantage of a direct-to-consumer market that can more easily reap the benefits of our labor.
Keeping South County rural, and farming viable, is not just good for business. It’s good for Anne Arundel County, because it keeps that land free of speculative residential growth, which drains the County’s fiscal resources. It’s good for Marylanders, because in a time of erratic fuel prices and global tensions, the ability to produce food locally is a national security issue. And, of course it’s good for the individuals who live in, and visit South County, and who get to take in its immense beauty.

My wife and I own and operate historic Red Top Farm in Shady Side, South County, selling locally grown produce, eggs and honey to local residents and restaurants year- round. We participate in farm organizations, farm issues, and farm conferences.

I have spent a significant portion of my time as a community advocate listening to local farmers, educating myself about sustainable farming practices, and trying to keep farming viable in South County. I believe that we have the resources in Anne Arundel County to make farming work. We need a model that takes into account the economic realities of Anne Arundel County in the 21st century, however, and that means growing higher quality and higher margin produce for a consumer market that is growing ever more concerned about the way its food is being produced.


As a member of the House of Delegates, I would help the local small farms become productive as they are a large part of open space, and healthy local food.

 - Continue to work with the farm community to help the growing movement of farm-to-table wholesome food. This would include helping find markets for small farmers like other jurisdictions have done such as schools buying fresh local produce, and a central food hub for retail distribution.

 - Support agro-tourism to make sure it is related to Agriculture but also bring in additional revenue to the small farmer.

 - Support programs and help minimize regulatory hurdles that would contribute to Value Added Farm products.  When the farmer can add value to the raw farm product and make it a more valuable product such as a sauce, or a soap, or a loaf of bread.  

 - Work with the farming community to help make farming with unique products (niche) farming more viable in the County.  

 - Fully support funding for programs that preserve farmland, like Rural Legacy and Program Open Space.  Program Open Space funding, should be spent on important and threatened tracts of land and not used for other unrelated issues.  Once in the House of Delegates, I will work to ensure that Program Open Space and Rural Legacy funds are used ONLY for appropriate land preservation, and will work to prioritize funding to tracts of land that have been designated as local greenways and those that have particular cultural or environmental significance.

 - Work to keep equestrian operations in Anne Arundel County viable. In the southern portion of the County this is an important segment of the economy, and equestrian operations in all forms plays a large and important part in providing open space in rural areas.


Anne Arundel County families need a strong advocate for a long-term agricultural advocate that includes land preservation policy in Maryland and I intend to provide that leadership as a member of the House of Delegates.

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