Mike Shay for '18 - Maryland House of Delegates, District 30B


Mike Shay has lived in Anne Arundel County for over thirty-five years.  After earning a B.S. degree in business management from California State University at Long Beach, he combined business expertise with his skill as a carpenter and builder to launch his own small construction company.  As an independent businessman in South Anne Arundel County, Mike learned first-hand the importance of balancing a healthy business environment in the area with the critical need to protect its abundant natural resources.

A VOICE. . .


A few years later, to help ensure a public voice for those concerned about the area’s natural resources, Mike was instrumental in the creation of a South County citizens organization whose goals include protection of the Chesapeake Bay’s water quality and wildlife habitats, wetlands preservation and restoration, and community involvement in development, environment, and facility decision-making.  Most notably, Mike was a leader in the organization’s successful fight to save Franklin Point, a 477-acre wetland on the Shady Side peninsula that was threatened with a large-scale residential development that would have destroyed the ecologically valuable wetland, one of the largest in Anne Arundel County, and overwhelmed the area with traffic and infrastructure demands.


The way to achieve this balance, Mike concluded, was to ensure that all voices on the myriad issues facing the County could be heard – the small business owners who provide needed goods and services to residents, as well as the many citizens concerned about protecting the region’s environment.  To accomplish this, in the eighties Mike joined a group of other local business owners as founding members of an organization that later became the Southern Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce.


In the area of education, an issue of great importance to Anne Arundel County residents, Mike successfully led a battle against a county plan to increase class size in South County schools up to 120% of capacity.  Implementation of this overcapacity policy would have allowed developers to continue to build beyond the capacity not only of our schools, but our roads, parks and other infrastructure that make up our quality of life.  Mike also provided leadership that led to the adoption of County Law to have strict and safe standards in line with state law for a designation of nursing homes.


Mike also guided a winning effort to preserve the zoning recommendations of the citizens group of Small Area Planners in Deale and Shady Side.  The result was the preservation of 16 acres of forested, non-tidal wetlands that would have otherwise been transformed into a major commercial development.   This effort included the work to promote and pass Senate Bill 880 for proper handling of storm water in commercial developments.  He is currently providing leadership to have Anne Arundel County implement the Critical Area Law as intended, at the Board of Appeals and the Critical Area Commission.


Another accomplishment of which Mike is justifiably proud is his leadership in the establishment of the nation’s only FM radio station owned and operated by a local citizens environmental organization.  In January 2000, the Federal Communication Commission adopted rules creating a new low-power FM radio station, allowing small community groups to reach out to their neighbors using ordinary radio signals.  WRYR was one of the first of these lower power stations in the nation to be granted a license by the FCC and has been featured in stories in a host of publications, including The Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Columbia Journalism Review, and on PBS’s News Hour with Jim Lehrer and NPR’s Morning Edition.  Mike was founder and project manager for the station, which provided local news, music and entertainment, health and lifestyle information and other programming of interest to the eastern and western shore communities served by the station.


Mike has started and has served on non-profit Boards of Directors of national and local organizations.  He has received numerous awards for his untiring efforts on behalf of the citizens of Anne Arundel County. 

Mike has been awarded:
    ·        Certificate of Appreciation for ten years of service by the Chamber of Commerce
    ·        Nominated as one of Anne Arundel County’s Most Outstanding Volunteers
    ·        Commended in a Maryland Senate Resolution for his work to save Franklin Point
    ·        Chosen as Bay Person of the month in “Spin Sheet” Magazine
    ·        Executive Citation from County Executive John Gary for efforts to save Franklin Point
    ·        Selected to participate in an international agricultural exchange on organic farming
    ·        Recognized as a Windcall Montana Ranch Retreat National Recipient
    ·        "Blue Crab Candidate" designation, and described as a "Dark Green Environmental
             Champion" in Howard Ernst’s Book “Fight for the Bay”
    ·        Nominated as Community Radio Volunteer of the Year by the National Federation of              Community Broadcasters
    ·        Selected as a "Super Star" by the Growth Action Network for work as a community              advocate who has made Anne Arundel County a better place.

Mike has been a holder for many years holder of a 100 Ton Masters License from the U.S. Coast Guard, and a private pilot license.


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